Haitian Staff

Wilky Clark


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Raquel Smith

Director of Media Development

House of Grace has an incredible staff of individuals that work year round to keep our organization running. Some of the responsibilities of our Haitian staff include cooking, cleaning, and caring for the boys at the community center, tutoring, and continuing ongoing building projects. Each of these individuals were chosen to be on staff because of their outstanding character, strong work ethic, and passion to serve Christ.

The Board

I was born in a small village in Haiti and was adopted by a family in Wisconsin when I was 13 years old. As a teenager, I felt the Lord calling met to go back home to the village where I grew up and use my resources to give back to the community. This work in Haiti began with building a new home for a friend and has now grown into a multi-faceted ministry that continues to grow! I live in Wisconsin with my wife and daughter but continue to return to Haiti at least once a year. While I'm not in Haiti I have a full-time job and I continue to direct the ministry stateside.

I first started going to Haiti when I was fourteen years old. God used that first trip to give me a glimpse of His heart and completely ruin me for the ordinary. Now, almost 12 years later I have gone to Haiti countless times and was even able to live there and serve at an orphanage for 6 months. It is truly a privilege to be on the board and continuously be part of something that is so dear to my heart and so much bigger than me. My husband and I own a film production company and use film to inspire and inform others of the beauty and the needs in Haiti. 

Tyler Thompson

Technical Director


Gressier, Haiti

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